A jouney in the soul - Interview with Andrea De Amici

When did you take up photography?
«I have been captivated by images since I was a child. Later on, during my adolescence, I started to take pictures with analog cameras, not with Reflex, and I have been completely seduced by photography. In due course, this early passion turned into a real commitment, in which I put much efforts, study and time».
 What was your training?
«I attended many photography courses, alongside with portraits and travel photography workshops: these are my favourite photograph genres, the ones that suit me better».
 In effect, Alidem has a wide selection of your travel shots…
«That seems to be true. All the pictures in Alidem’s collection were taken during the travels I undertook in Italy and abroad. For the vast majority, these photos are landscapes I captured in Iceland and Tuscany. My works aim to create tales recalled by means of reportages, and not portraitures. For instance, in the Cascata di Kirkjufellsfoss (The Waterfall of Kirkjufellsfoss) I used two different techniques: one for the sky, another one for the water. This way, I managed to achieve the result to depict the intensity of colours of the first, and the fluidity of the latter. That is it: water reminds of silk. In other words, I wanted to create a contrast between what flows and what stays still».
Where did you take it?
«It was taken in Iceland, in 2014. I almost completely took it on the spot, only later Iapplied some filters that allowed me to reach the result I was hoping for. Postproduction is minimal, because I prefer to work outside, in the wild, instead of heavily modifying the picture later in my studio».
I am led to believe that you used filters also for other photos…
«Exactly. Il rumore del silenzio di Djupavik (The Djupavik’s noise of silence) wants to represent the stillness that was in the Djupavik fiord. Also in this case, the water has been edited with some filters: they transformed the fluid in something etheric, mist-like. The difference between the bottom and the top of the photo is very subtle».
And what about the Selfoss Waterfall?
«The dark tones of this photo recall the ones of Il rumore del silenzio di Djupavik. However, in this shot I intensified the sky colours to obtain a dramatic effect. Selfoss is a waterfall on the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum in the north of Iceland, and it is one of the most awe-inspiring natural events I have ever seen».
What does travelling mean to you?
«I love to travel, both because I do believe travelling to be fundamental for one’s cultural growth, and also because unknown places are truly inspiring for me. I often organise journeys for those who are passionate about photography. These journeys are, in fact, workshops. I superintend both the organisation of the travel itself and the photographic course I run. We leave together to reach the place we decided and there I teach the best techniques to obtain peculiar effects».
If I am not much mistaken, you teach photography in the Milan area, do not you?
«Yes, I do. I normally organise courses of digital photography during which I teach strategies and photographic principles suitable to achieve both technically correct and creative images».
But let us get back to Alidem’s shots. What can you tell us about L’anima calda dei vulcani (The hot soul of Volcanos)?
«This picture presents the great Geysir, in the Haukadalur valley in Iceland. This geyser (a spring of hot water ejected from the ground) not only is extremely huge, but it is also considered by scientists one of the most ancient one in the wholeworld. Once I faced the “giant”, I patiently waited for the right moment to eternalise that magnificent event. Only later I applied some filters to the image, because, if on the one hand I would have loved to lend a warmer atmosphere over the scene, on the other I was especially interested inconveying the intense sulphurous scent that normally hovers in the surroundings».
L’essenza della solitudine (The Essence of Loneliness) and La luce della speranza (The Light of Hope) were shot in the same place…
«Yes, both photographs were shot during my journey in Tuscany three years ago. The tulip of La luce della speranza is lit up by an artificial light, while the sky by a natural one. Later, I jointed the two compositions and I have been very pleased with the result».

Are you inspired by someone or something for you photographs?
«My shots are usually very spontaneous, I do not plan them. For instance, as soon as I saw the enchanting view of L’assenza della solitudine I fell in love with the solitary tree on the top of the hill, which suddenly put me into a very melancholic mood».
In the light of this interview, I reck on that your style is characterised not only by a visual component, but also by an auditive one. Am I correct?
«Absolutely. In lots of my photographs one can almost hear sounds. I love the idea that I can recreate the location as it was in the instant of my shot. I do so because firstly I want the viewers to travel with me, secondly because I want to convey the emotions I experience when facing the natural beauty».
What are you planning for the next months?
«At the moment my travel photography is keeping me busy: for instance, I will soon go to Norway to realise a series focused on the northern lights».