On the occasion of the 6th Festival Fotografico Europeo, organised by Afi – Archivio Fotografico Italiano, Alidem shows a selection of photographic works from its collection. Through this exhibit, Alidem wants to tell its own story, that of an innovative business focused on limited-edition art photographs.

Over its first two years of life, Alidem managed to build a collection that includes more than eighty photographs, these being either well-known artists or emerging talents showing a great potential. Alidem aims to offer a wide range of different styles, subjects and themes that characterise contemporary photography: every day, Collettivo Alidem works on researching and empowering artists. Alidem è will be the story of all this: Marco Siracusano, Cesare Di Liborio, Carlo D’Orta, Jan Kaesbach, Loreal Prystaj e Slevin Aaron are just few of the names that will tell the visitors about the innovative features of Alidem, a business where art, design, culture and technique work side by side.

 Because Alidem is not just a gallery, but a new way of dealing with photography and its consumption.