The Alidem Showroom of via Galvani – a lively meeting point devoted to the pursue of beauty that has gained a reputation for its events in the Milanese cultural scene – colours its walls with a selection of photographic works chosen from its rich collection, on occasion of the 6th Festival Fotografico Europeo (organised by Afi – Archivio Fotografico Italiano).

Alidem è (Alidem is) – this is name that has been chosen to introduce the exhibition – aims to tell the story of a recently-born entrepreneurial adventure, marked by the epiphanies represented by fine art photographs.

This is the story of an encounter with fine art photography, which is, according to the founder of Alidem Pompeo Locatelli, the most advanced expression of contemporary art.

Nowadays, Alidem has a collection of over one-hundred photographs. The company aims to provide an offer that entails a wide range of contemporary photography styles, subjects and themes; to this purpose, Collettivo Alidem is committed to an accurate work of research and to nurture the talent of our artists.

Marco Siracusano, Nicola Bertellotti, Luigi Tazzari, Pino Dal Gal, Nicola Brindicci and Raffaele Montepaone are few of the names that will be featured in Alidem è. They perfectly reflect Alidem’s identity, nature and style. In a balanced combination of art and design. Between culture and technique.

This exhibit will also offer all the photography lovers the chance of admiring some of the pieces that belong to the Alidem Photo Trouvée collection. These are unique shots, part of a surprising and fascinating legacy of anonymous pictures. Through this new endeavour, aimed at the Italian market, Alidem intends to give new life to photographs coming from ‘other’ ages, taken between the end of the XIX century and the 60s of the XX century. Almost a ‘memory remedial class’, through faces, professions, traditions and habits. These are not pictures that have been dug out of an old trunk but real artworks (perfect in their imperfection) discovered by curators and experts in a segment that is largely appreciated in the leading marketplaces all over the world.
The exhibit will open on the 20th of April at 6.30pm and will run until the 30th of April. The closing day will also offer a moment of reflection on the new tendencies displayed by art collecting.

Alidem – L’arte della fotografia ( is an Italian company specialised in selecting, producing and commercialising limited-edition photographs. Founded more than two years ago, Alidem finds what is new and turns the art of photography into high-quality works: it shapes a new taste and unveils new horizons. A crossroads of images that are always increasing in their number and invite the eyes and the mind to travel towards new visions. The heart of the company is a 600 square metres showroom in Milan, in via Galvani 24. And a gallery located at the very centre of the city, in via Cusani 18.