Antonellla Sacconi - Nude Forme

Ombre al museo and Alvar Aalto, the photographs available to purchase in limited edition at Alidem, will be exposed at Antonella Sacconi’s solo exhibit opening on Saturday 12th November, from 3.30pm to 7.30pm at La Casa di Vetro, in Milan (via Luisa Sanfelice, 3). The exhibit - Nude forme. Geometrie dell’architettura contemporanea – has been curated by Alessandro Luigi Perna and organised by Eff&Ci – Facciamo Cose. It will run until November 20th and display around 30 large photographs by Antonella Sacconi, who was awarded the fourth prize at the international contest Wiki Loves Monuments Italia in 2014 and has been represented by Alidem since 2015. The exhibit is designed to be a graphic, aesthetic and metaphysical travel across contemporary architecture.

To reach her goals, the photographer strips the colors off of her subjects, leaving just a strong, thick, material and tridimensional contrast of black and white. The artist herself explains the reason behind this choice: “I want the eyes of the viewers to focus only on the basic shapes of the building: this is the only way one can get to grasp its essential graphic nature, its hidden geometrical core. I want to strip architecture off to leave it covered only by its structure”.

To Antonella Sacconi, the photographic camera has an ontological value: it’s her means to physically know and mentally process the reality around her. This is why she walks around as though she was always looking through one of her reflex cameras: when she looks at the world, she likes to pick up details, highlight geometries, follow lines, study symmetries. This is her way of observing, recording and representing reality.