Art Design: Alidem in Montecarlo with the best of Italian design

On 2 March 2017, Alidem – l’Arte della fotografia participated in an event to promote the Italian design industry. Major design brands were presents. 
Italian design brands have been at the centre of the scene at the Salle d’or of the Fairmont Hotel in Montecarlo on the night of 2 March 2017.
This event has been sponsored by the Italian Ambassador to the Principality of Monaco, Cristiano Gallo. A farsighted choice, aimed to offer an important show-case to one of the most lively and well-known branches of Italian manufactoring: the design industry.
Alidem participated in the Italian Design Day with some art photographs selected from our collection of limited edition pieces. Perfectly blending with the fascinating design installations. This event confirms our all-round commitment to provide all the market segments – in this case, the luxury market – with the best of our innovative and high-quality production.

All marketplaces are equally important to Alidem. We believe that bringing to Montecarlo a concept that is both innovative and in line with the luxury and design industries perfectly ‘photographs’ our growth as a company – born in Italy, launched toward the world. A decisive ‘shot’!