Alidem – L’Arte della fotografia will show a miscellaneous selection of artworks from its collection of limited edition fine-art photographs. From Saturday 27th May to Sunday 18th June 2017.

The next stop of Alidem’s fascinating journey is due at the Sporting Club of Milano 2. The show comes with a charming name: contemporary imaginary.

The company, which is specialised in dealing with limited edition fine-art photographs, has chosen a variety of pieces from its collections to cover all its different product lines and show the audience why photography is the most advanced expression of contemporary art. As Pompeo Locatelli, Alidem’s founder and art collector, likes to point out.

The show is open to everyone. It is meant to be a meeting point for the celebration of beauty – because we strongly believe that beautiful things cannot but affect everyone.
Once again, we restate our mission: to kindle a spark of curiosity about photography in as many people as possible.

The show is designed to let people freely roam throughout the artworks, looking for that one piece that will stir their emotions. The audience will have a chance to see photographs by well-established names as well as by emerging artists who are part of the Alidem’s collection – Nicola Bertellotti, Yuri Catania, Pino Dal Gal, Carlo D’Orta, Jan Kaesbach, Marco Siracusano and Luigi Tazzari will take each visitor on a very personal journey into the world of photography. Different subjects and themes, frames and sizes, will contribute to make the experience suggestive and evocative to everyone.
On this occasion, Alidem will also present its latest project, Alidem Photo Trouvée – a window on the marvellous and surprising world of anonymous photography. Unique and irreplaceable images, taken between the beginning and the 60s of the XX century. A backwards journey, to bring back to life these ‘shots’ of memory – faces, small stories, experiences, pages of life. Anonymous events that become a witness of life and habits. A past time brought back to us and glowing with new light. 

The show will open on Saturday 27th May 2017 and will run until Sunday 18th June 2017, at the Sporting Club of Milano 2. Opening times: every day 10am–8pm.
All the exhibited artworks are limited edition pieces and are available to purchase.
Alidem is happy to welcome everyone, photography lovers and newcomers.

A.S.D. Sporting Club Milano 2
Via Fratelli Cervi
20090, Segrate (MI)
Phone contact +39 022640251

Alidem – L’arte della fotografia ( is an Italian company specialised in selecting, producing and commercialising limited-edition photographs. Founded more than two years ago, Alidem finds what is new and turns the art of photography into high-quality works: it shapes a new taste and unveils new horizons. A crossroads of images that are always increasing in number and that take eyes and mind on a journey towards new visions. The heart of the company is a 600 square metres showroom in Milan, in via Galvani 24. And a gallery located at the very centre of the city, in via Cusani 18.