Diego Kuffer’s work has been featured in magazines such as Picame, Old and Nossa America, and the photography magazine Fotografia et al has published a long interview to the photographer. With Lume Photos, Kuffen has taken part in the collective exhibit Photo Art Brasil (Galeria Sérgio Caribé, 2011), in SP Arte/Foto (2011-2012), SP Arte (2012) and Art Rio (2012).

These are only some of Diego Kuffer’s achievements, a young and talented photographer that Alidem is proud to represent. Seven of his pictures are currently part of our collection:  Santa Cecilia, Piao #01, Piao #09, Mimeografo #13, Transitorios #40, Youpix #01, Youpix #07. 

All his images strike the observer with the liveliness and dynamism of the Brazilian society, expressed through a ‘fragmented’ style that takes its inspiration from both Futurism and Cubism. The city is one of Kuffer’s privileged subjects: in his images, urban shapes are broken in thousands of fragments and re-arranged in order to challenge the observer’s eye. 

This way, the image is turned into an ever-changing and vivid kaleidoscope.