Alidem – the Art of Photography, in partnership with Zenzero Art Gallery (Lugano), is pleased to present the collective show Menzogna e Sortilegio (Falsehood and Witchcraft)

Alidem is a Milan-based innovative and exclusive project, born from the awareness that photography has acquired a prominent role within the international cultural debate. Alidem’s wide collection of photographs consists of more than 2000 original works with certificate of authenticity.

Alidem represents more than 80 contemporary photographers, from Italy and abroad, and offers its clients the possibility of purchasing limited-edition photographs in different sizes and formats, all carefully designed to enhance the artistic characteristics of the single artwork.

On this occasion, Alidem and Zenzero Art Gallery meet again in Lugano, to continue the fruitful partnership started in April with Draumur.
Alidem selected fourteen art photographs from its collection, which will be exposed in the elegant rooms of Galleria Zenzero

Traumnovelle #4, by Rori Palazzo
Preparation for bath, by Thierry Bansront
Red Hair. Woman with mirror, by Thierry Bansront
Waiting for bath, by Thierry Bansront
Ombre fra le nuvole, by Francesco Nuvolari
Steps to the sky – Stairway to Heaven, by Francesco Nuvolari 
Fruit Loops, di Loreal Prystaj
Valkyrie, by Slevin Aaron
Soul Shapes #3, by Pino Dal Gal
Summer Morning, by Martin Rak
Geiko’s privacy #1, #2, by Daiane Soares
La Danseuse, by Anton F.
La Gitane accroupie, by Anton F.
La Violonniste, by Anton F.
La Paysanne à la coiffe, by Anton F.

Photography is nearly a magic exercise: since the very beginning, it has been enchanting, enthralling and mesmerising, a spell casted on both the early observers and the early creators. A phenomenon so ground-breaking and revolutionary, so unexpected and surprising, it was not unlike a magic trick. A lie.

Even today, photography is still the same: always on the edge between a game of illusion and a lie, it strikes everyone's imagination and never stops captivating the eye.
The thematic path of the exhibition is meant to present the great power of photography, building a dialogue between artworks that can show us why photography never comes without a bit of magic.

Vernissage: Thursday 16th June 2016, 6pm-10pm

Exhibition: from Friday 10th June to Thursday 30th June 2016, 11am – 6pm
Monday, 2pm –6pm
Saturday, 10am – 4pm
Venue: Zenzero Art Gallery Crocicchio Cortogna, 2 Lugano / Switzerland