Flowers - Interview with Slevin Aaron

How and when did you take up photography?

«My adventure with photography began almost 9 years ago and it did not happen by accident. Since I remember I was always looking for my own path in art, through poetry, theater, computer graphics, books and even movies. Finally I decided to take pictures and that was the moment when I knew that my search has come to an end and this is something I want to tie my life with. Since then I am following a photographic path! It was, and actually still is my biggest journey ever and I hope that it will never end!»

Can you please explain your photographs selected by Alidem? 

«The first category is the Flowers, long term series. This is a project I'm working on for quite some time and it is subjected to more and newer treatments, even with the evolution of both the semantic and visual. The first picture was a single portrait enclosed in a circle (Flowers Portrait), then I created the whole series continuing in studio. It was about the problems (such as: intolerance, racism, homophobia and others) of people hidden behind the flowers. After it was completed, it was time for the next installment. This time at open air, which was to draw attention to that the problems can be found everywhere but, we do not notice them until someone does not stand out in any particular way. So, we can say that this is a series that grows together with me and create a long and complicated story hidden under the beauty of flowers.
Each of my session tells a separate story created by my imagination. Each has its own script, their own setting and their own importance! We can find among them the tale of Tristan and Isolde, story about Valkyria sinking into Valhalla, series about the life of siblings during the war, and the previously mentioned Flowers».

What about your technique?

«All that I know, all you can see in my pictures is what I learned by myself. I had never undertook any course or attended any school photo before. My method was the principle of trials and errors that took me a good few years. I learned not only to take pictures, not only the lighting techniques, not only the selection of the right equipment but above all, thinking about photography that I consider as the most important thing. I have always had something to say, something to tell. Therefore, I get to know how to show it via photography. The story has always been the most important aspect for me when shooting. Not, that photography was simply nice but that it was interesting. Like a movie or a book through which we can enter into some other world where we can live it and get to know it secrets. Of course, I pay a lot attention to the quality of photography, post-production, on a careful selection of images, picking a proper models who will play a role created for them. However, if I were to somehow describe my technique, I would titled it as “the way of working with my own hands”. It is very important to me that what I see through the viewfinder of the camera was practically a ready image. So, first of all writing down the idea, then creating a stage design or finding a suitable place, creating costumes and props, all that to create the whole image. But I am a man who continues to teach himself, because I want to continually discover something new, to explore the unknown paths, to grow and never rest on laurels. Therefore, I decided to start studying at the Academy of Art in Szczecin in Poland in September of 2015 to broaden my knowledge and skills».

What does “photography” means for you?

«Photography for me is the canvas on which I can pour what is hidden in my imagination. It allows me to create art and explore my own abilities, my strength and weakness, to find out who I am as a person really. It is not only my greatest passion but it has become my life. It is something without which it can not function anymore».

Are you inspired by any photographer or artist?

«When it comes to inspiration I have always tried not to use it and to by my own artist. I have such a  deck of my own ideas that it always was enough for me to just reach them from the depth of my mind. Of course there are a lot of artists I admire, but I never tried to imitate anyone or to borrow some solutions. I am a self-taught artist with considerable imagination and as long as I can I will keep going with that!»

What are you currently working on? Do you have any future projects?

«Today, most of my time absorb the newly started studies where in addition to photographs I create a lot of other things, such as paintings, sculptures, objects, films and etc. Despite this, I try not to forget about myself and as soon as I’m finding a moment I am creating my own projects. My head is bursting from the excess of new ideas actually. Currently I am planning a number of new sessions in the very near future. Among others I plan a completely new installment of my series of Flowers and also some entirely new stories».