Sea, sky, rocks. Three words to describe Francesco Gola’s photography – elegant and carefully studied images where colours and shades create games of light and shadow and different fields of depth. The skies look immense and imbued with colour, the water surfaces, either placid or slightly murky, lead the eye gaze to explore a broader perspective. To frame the scene, there are rocks and cliffs, the symbols of a lively and stable nature: motionless landmarks in an ever-changing corner of the world. Neat and clear shots that portray the majesty of Mother Nature: dawns, sunsets, fog and oceans are the protagonists of Gola’s photographic art. What strikes the most are the colours and the immensity of the skies, the steep cliffs and the characteristic lighthouses of the North Sea, and the more familiar Italian landscapes. As Francesco Gola says, photography ‘is the source of inspiration that allows me to shed light on the relation between the outer world and the inner world of my dreams, thoughts and feelings’. What about you, what do these images make you think about?