Everyday life is the undisputed protagonist of Gianluca De Simone’s shots. This young Roman photographer’s black and white images are proving to be a huge commercial success, being particularly sought after by young collectors. De Simone collaborates with PhotoVogue and some of his works have been exposed at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Today, Alidem is proud to represent him and to have ten of his works in its collection – a selection that distills De Simone’s life, characterised by long journeys all over the world: the photographer moved to Sidney in 2006 to pursue a degree in cinema studies at the Sidney Film School and then started working in movie and television productions. In 2014, De Simone moved back to Italy and took up Passato Prossimo, a photography project on the mental institution of Santa Maria della Pietà. The project obtained the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture. To enjoy De Simone’s works, available to purchase as limited edition pieces, you only need to visit us at our showroom in via Galvani or at our gallery in via Cusani,18 in Milan. See you soon!