Gianni Maffi - Feeling Home

From March 9th to 30th, Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan) will host a collective photo show featuring several artists. Among them, Gianni Maffi, with Feeling Home – Sentirsi a casa, a reflection on a sensible, universal and up-to-date topic. Feeling Home aims to provide the setting and the frame for a productive confrontation with ourselves.

Every artist took a journey of discovery, delicate and surprising, through photography. Each of them has looked for their own answer, or for a possible answer. The setting of the exhibition has been designed as a cluster of 8 different ‘islands’, one for each photographer, which spontaneously produce a binary parallelism. This way, the audience will be presented with the continuous comparison of two different – almost opposite – concepts, which turn out to be just two sides of the same polyhedric and multifaceted reality. The idea of 8 separated islands, all joint in the commitment to find an answer to a question that is so important to every human being, demonstrates that the concept of ‘feeling home’ can be read and interpreted in many different ways, all to be put harmonically together as the complementary voices of a choir.

Opening cocktail on 9th March from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.