New acquisition/9

October is the month of new arrivals! The autumn has hit us with a wave of new photography that we’re now pleased to share with you. On this occasion, we’d also like to remind you that all our images can be purchased in limited edition in our SHOPS (showroom, via Galvani 24 - gallery, via Cusani 18). We’re now representing 6 new artists, Italian and from abroad, young and mature, but all characterized by one determinant feature: their talent. Let’s start from the Spanish photographer David De La Cruz, whose works feature a reportage-like style that carries a message on the relationship between men and nature. Sara Aletti is a talented artist who has found her privileged way of expression in the feminine nude, re-interpreted to create powerful images of women surrounded by the wildness. Umberto Armiraglio’s photos have one undisputed protagonist, those natural elements that are bound to die the moment they get picked up: flowers. Armiraglio succeeds in his ambitious goal and makes the life of his favorite subjects longer as he projects their image into an eternal dimension. Karim Carella focuses on landscapes characterized by the black and white, where colors are carefully studied in every inch and are as delicate as the touch of a painting brush. Yuri Catania is a photographer with great experience who lives between Italy, Switzerland and New York and believes in the expressive power of each shot, although he does not forget that they’re always part of a wider and more generic project. Last but not least, the wonderful architectural details shot by Carlo D’Orta, whose geometric lines and shapes stir the imagination of the observers: hearts and human profiles seem to leap out from the corners of the doors or the cracks in the walls.