Nicola Bertellotti - The book

Fenomenologia della fine is the latest photography book by Nicola Bertellotti, published by Petrartedizioni. The book is divided into nine chapters, each of them devoted to a series of photographs on abandoned places around the world: he great beauty (Villas and castles), Vanishing point (stairways), Ex machina (industrial), Sancta sanctorum (churches and religious symbols), Ecce homo (hospitals and mental health care centres), Festival (enteratainment), Nowhere (cars and means of transportation), Sign of the times (historical buildings) e Ordinary life (every day life). To some of these series also belong some of Alidem’s limited edition photographs. Among the several critics who contributed to Bertellotti’s book, there is Pier Luigi Pinelli, former professor of French Literature at the University of Genoa and writer.