India, China and the rest of the world. Pietro Cardoso got passionated about photography when he was a kid, he started travelling as a young boy and developed a keen interest in landscape and portrait photography. 

His images – focusing on moments of sociability and loneliness ­– soon caught the attention of the National Geographic, whose workshops and photography programs Cardoso has often attended. 

Among the photographer’s privileged destinations stands India, where he took the two pictures that are now part of our collection: Colonnato di Ameer – which presents an inside view of the Amber Fort, in Rajasthan – and Neemrana, where the observer’s eye gaze is drawn to a courtyard as colourful as Holi, the Indian festival of colours. Sometimes Cardoso’s travels take him to Europe, to Switzerland for instance, where he shot Plaun de Lej on the shore of Sils Lake. Here, the Engadin lake shows all the charm of the winter season.