Pino Dal Gal is among the photographs that will exhibit their work at the collective show I Fotografi Veneti del ‘900, which will run until 9 January 2018 (Chiesa di San Lorenzo, San Vito al Tagliamento – PN).

Seven works by Pino Dal Gal, one of the Italian leading photographers, are part of our collection, and are available to buy in our showroom (via Galvani, 24 Milan) and Alidem Point (via Cusani, 18 Milan) as limited edition prints in several formats and sizes.

The four photographs that are part of Soul Shapes portray the delicacy of the calla lily, a flower that, with its various symbolic meanings, has inspired many painters and photographs through the centuries.

The three photographs that are part of Spazio Incantato immortalise the splendour of Giardino Giusti, in Verona, one of the most amazing examples of gardino all’italiana that can be found in our country. The photographer’s eye focuses on the mythological statues of the garden, emphasising their gestures and and eye gazes.