The other reality of Anton F.

Your approach to photography is quiet peculiar…

«I have always used photography to show a different reality to show things that may not appear at first sight: a reflection in a puddle when I’m walking around the streets the horizon bounded by avineyard field or a cemetery. I love the ambiguity that lies between imagination and reality. This approach also allows me to work on the edge of photography and painting».

Where and when did you take your first steps into photographing?

«Photography has always been part of my life. I come from a family where photography and painting were omnipresent; my grandmother for instance was a very good painter. For a long time photography hasbeen my “secret garden”; then in 2012 I definitively took it up. Meeting Olivier Bourdon who is the owner of the Galerie de l’Europe in Paris was crucial to my decision as well as meeting an art amateur who encouraged me to work mainly on photographic series».

Let’s move to the project selected by Alidem. What is it?

«It is a series called Métamorphoses and dates back to 2014. The researching and the shooting were completed in six months».

What did your work want to express?

«My aim was to inspect the ideas of beauty and body with different eyes. I try to unveil the beauty of imperfection. These photographs allow me to stir emotions up to surprise and engage the viewer».

What technique did you use?

«Métamorphoses was set in a peculiar place; I captured the reflection of some models in a small drainage basin which the effect of winds and light had turned into a deformable mirror.However the women’s bodies and poses are meant to convey emotionsthat can be interpreted without any instrument. At the same time these pictures can also be seen as my personal reinterpretation of some old master paintings and as my homage to their art».

Can you tell us something on your next projects?

«I usually work on several projects at a time. There will be soon anexhibition in Bordeaux staging my series of photographs on Africa. The same project will also be shown in Paris at the end of the winter».