Variazioni Expo, the exhibit by Stefano Parisi supported by UNICEF (Spazio 53, piazza Duomo, 53 Voghera Italy) will be open until October 28th. Expo 2015 had a great international impact and led Italy, and Milan in particular, to receive worldwide attention for several months: as a result, Expo was also one of the most photographed places in the world, not only because the event was somehow exceptional but also because its design and set-up – a sort of luna-park with a humanitarian purpose: a reflection on food production and consumption around our planet – made it an extremely photogenic subject. Stefano Parisi has selected around 20 images from his work on Expo, picking both black-and-white and colour photographs and thus suggesting a possible happy combination of film photography – the black-and-white photos – with digital photography – the colour ones.