• Thomas Salme
  • 2012
  • Inv. No. 132.15.02
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio

Landscapes and cities, nature and humanity, silence and noise: these are the first terms that can be correlated when analysing the photographs of Thomas Salme. The photographer moves between two poles that are seemingly opposite yet actually complementary. Through a series of journeys to some of the world’s most enchanting spots, Salme grasps the rich variety we can absorb and enjoy.
Antelope Canyon is one of the most visited places in the United States and is in Arizona, in the territory of the Navajo Nation. This canyon is not only a natural marvel, but it is also a challenge for photographers because of its difficult and ever-changing lighting.
Thomas Salme took up photography as a child, following in his father’s footsteps. Over the years, his interest in the photographic medium continued to grow alongside his passion for flying, which he transformed into a job, getting his qualifications as an airline pilot and working as a captain for three of the most important airline companies in the world. Due to legislative restrictions, after thirteen years he was forced to retire as a pilot, so he became a photographer. He did important fashion spreads for Italian magazines such as Maxim and international ones such as Malibu Lifestyle Magazine. He fine-tuned his artistic research and decided to take up landscape photography, one of the first examples of which is his photo shoot in the American Midwest (2012). In 2013 he exhibited in Milan with the non-profit association Intervita. The following year he exhibited his work in Switzerland at the prestigious UBS Bank in Lugano. Recently, in addition to photography he has become interested in video art, making his first documentary with Atlas International Film. An eclectic figure, Salme is working on his autobiography, 13 Years in Heaven, describing his adventurous life. He currently lives and works in Milan.