• Raffaele Montepaone
  • 2015
  • Inv. No. 147.15.11
  • Edition 9 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Persone, Concept
Size S
33x50cm Dimensions
Inkjet pigmented print on paper Hahnemuhle Technique
Showcase frame Mounting

The hands, fundamental sensory elements of the human body, are the subject of Hands. In these images, we see hands consumed by time and labour, hands that have worked, explored, and touched the soil as well as other hands, grabbed objects and shreds of life. Hands portrays common gestures, almost insignificant: hand movements that we carelessly perform every day, but that are now bestowed with a new meaning. The position is either steady - handling a stick - or captured in the midst of anaction - drawing imaginary lines in the air: either way, these hands always tell a lot about them selves and the person they belong to. Montepaone carefully looks at the details, letting his camera picking the uniqueness that characterises every human being and making its expression the centre of a narration. In his photographs, these hands, bringing all the marks of a fullylived life, become like statues and can be the main actors of their own play.
Raffaele Montepaone was born and raised in an artistic environment, and moved his first steps into the world of photography working in the family studio as a teenage boy. There, he developed his photography skills, starting to work with a 35mm. He focuses on the reportage technique where the human figure with all its authenticity has a pivotal role. In 2006 there as a flood in Vibo Valentina, which the photographer documented in his project 3 July 2016 and donate the proceeds to the population afflicted by this natural disaster. In 2007, he undertook Life, a photo reportage on his motherland, Calabria (Italy), and on the lives of the local elderly: Montepaone captured the humble scenery of Southern Italy, immortalising its ancient values and the people’s strong connection to the land. Montepaone’s shots are so intense that were featured in the photo gallery Calabria in Bianco e Nero published by La Repubblica. He won the Talent prize 2015. In November 2015, he showed his photos at the Caroussel du Louvre in the exhibition Spazio Farini 6 in Paris. In 2016 the AFI (Italian Photographic Archive) sponsored his personal exhibit in Legnano for the European Phtographic festival. In that period, Christie’s sold one of his artworks so that it could be inserted in volume Characters and Landscape of Italy of the same auction house. Then, he can be seen as a protagonist in a collective exposition in Grenoble, at la Maison de l’International, and in a personal exhibition at the gallery EX-NIHILO. Many journals wrote about him: Il Fotografo, Arts Life, Repubblica, Il Resto del Carlino, Insideart, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Le Petit Bulletin.