The beauty of geese - suite 4

  • Graziano Perotti
  • 2014
  • Inv. No. 148.15.03
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Animali

The series The beauty of the geese testifies Graziano Perotti’s attempt of narrating the beauty and the elegance of the geese by means of an expressive language, which is slightly different from his more renown and emblematic reportage technique. In fact, in addition to his spirit as a reporter, the photographer reveals an inborn artistic sensibility which leads him to interpret his subjects in a different but sophisticated way. The choice of these animals is due to the exhibit of the Fondo Internazionale for the Photography of Lishui, in China, where the goose is a beloved animal. The pictures were taken in Mortara [Italy] throughout an entire year and not without difficulties due to the aggressively of the animal. However, these birds showed little by little some actions that could be compared to human behaviour and Perotti captured in his artworks. With some overviews and other closer views, this overall sight on the animal world transforms, thank to the light contrast between light and shadow, black and white, in images of extraordinary visual power. Therefore, the movements of the geese obtain a celestial agility and grace.
The artist was born in Pavia and there he became a photographer, specialising himself as a photo reporter. Up to now, Perotti hasproduced 200 reportage of travels and social commentary, all of which have beenpublished on newspaper of the field. Moreover, many important advertisingcampaigns have been assigned to him, such as the one of Alpitour-Francorossoand Hotelplan, and he was able to obtain a vast number of covers thank to his photographic skills.  Some of the mostfamous newspapers spoke about him by means of the voices of esteemed international critics of the world of photography, allowing him to become more renown. Perotti organises and took part in personal and collective art exhibit in international fairs.
His talent has been always recognised, as the numerous and important photographic awards, which he has obtained so far and continues receiving up till now, points out. Among these, some are especially worth  mentioning, such as the award of the of the Fondazione Destino [Destiny  Foundation] of Madrid and the Italian recognition  Scatti Divini (Divine photos). In 2015 the magazine Vogue selected him, among other twelve Italian artists, in order to celebrate its 50th birthday, and consequently many of his photos have been sold  in the Photo Vogue Collection.  The following year, FIOF (Fondo Internazionale Per La Fotografia - Internation Fund for Photography) chose him as ambassadors for Italian photography in Cina, during the artist’s project IMAGO.IT. The critic and photographer Pio Tarantini  mentioned him in his last book as one of the most considerable contemporary photographers. Perotti was presented with the award 8 honourable mentions at the International Photography Award of Los Angeles during the global contest Family of man. Furthermore, he was given a significant prize in Paris, PX3-PrixInternational Photography, where he won in the category of documentaries, competing against photographer from eighty-seven different countries.