La casa di questa mia sera #2

  • Barbara Nati
  • 2013
  • Inv. No. 151.15.01
  • Edition 9 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Concept

Barbara Nati’s artistic research takes the lead from a fundamental element: the deconstruction of every common and objective value, through the creation of suggestive images with a strong visual power. In the artist’s hands, the photographic medium is no longer a mere tool to capture or report reality: Barbara Nati, as a new creator demiurge, gives life to her personal idea of reality, merging shapes and contexts that are usually far apart. This is especially true for La casa di questa mia sera (The House of This Evening of Mine), a project undertook in 2013. Here, Barbara Nati fully embraces the main paradigm of her artistic language: the manipulation of images with digital techniques. This is the means that allowed the creation of her unpredictable trees, hybrid macro-structures made with wreckages and remains. The bucolic scenarios where the trees are growing recall the nineteenth-century landscape painting on one hand, and on the other the latest experiments in digital art. The digital technique allows the artist to shape a new reality, sometimes surreal, sometimes dreamlike, which conveys a feeling of alienation. Barbara Nati’s imaginary visions are meant to provide the observers with a framework for a reflection that ranges from the value of both material and immaterial memory, to the relation between individuals and environment.
Barbara Nati debuted in the art world in 2006 when her first solo exhibition was staged at C.A.O.S – Cultural Artist Open Space (Rome). In 2009, after being named as a finalist for the Arte Laguna Prize and the Terna Prize, she was selected to participate in an artist-in-residence programme in Belfast. Since then, her artistic path and photography exhibitions have been divided between Italy – chiefly Rome and Milan – and Great Britain, where she is based in London. In 2010 the Italian Cultural Institute of London awarded her the Renaissance Prize. In 2013, following the solo exhibition curated by Massimo Sgroi, entitled Unpredictable Trees, she had a residency in Olofström, Sweden. Between 2014 and 2015 Nati was featured in solo shows as well as collective exhibitions in Italy and outside the country. In 2014 she received the first MantegnaCercasi Prize in the category of photography; the following year she was a finalist for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize and received the Ashurst London Prize. She is often featured at Art Verona (2009, 2014) and has exhibited her work at other prestigious contemporary art and photography fairs, including  MIA – Milan Image Art Fair (Milan) in 2015, The Other Art Fair (London) in 2015 and 2013, Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong) in 2014 and Link Art Fair (Hong Kong) in 2013. Nati currently lives and works in Great Britain.