Postcards from the future NO.1

  • Francesco Romoli
  • 2013
  • Inv. No. 166.15.01
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Tecnologia, Persone
Size S
50x50cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting
Size M
70x70cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

A postcard sent from the future arrives with an air full of mystery and suspense. An elegantly dressed man with a confident pose faces the camera, but his body is destabilizing: his head has been replaced by a television set that has been turned off, an old model from the Sixties, while his body – as we can perceive from his hand – is composed of a series of electrical cables. The anthropo-technological hybrid creates a new theriomorphic figure, a presence that is at once familiar and unusual.
The Postcards from the future, composing a well-known series by the Pisan author, sum up and date back to his previous experiences and knowledge in fields far removed from photography, such as his passion for computers, net-art and hacking. The decisive use of Photoshop, the program to manipulate and interpolate images, moves in this direction, as it makes it possible to construct images that are halfway between graphics and photography. In this series, time is blended and becomes liquid. Past, present and future are overlaid, breathing life into man/machine hybrids in ancient poses, and against abstract and unreal backdrops. Objects from yesterday and today coexist in this series, in familiar yet alienating places; the rarefied atmospheres allude to scientific and fictional imagery; the portraits acquire an antique appearance and are decorated with elements that evoke the most critical aspects of modernity: our dependence on media and on devices of communication and control.
After graduating with a degree in information technology, Francesco Romoli specialized in portrait photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence. In 2013 he was featured in the Portrait Photography Exhibition, a collective show staged at the Galleria Marangoni. That year he also received honourable mention in the Sony World Photography Awards. The following year he exhibited his work at DAMprize, an exhibition curated by Valerio Dehò for the Galleria DAM (Milan). In 2014 he participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy – in Rome, Milan and Turin – and abroad, in cities such as Liverpool, London, Bratislava and Thessaloniki. He also staged his first solo shows that year: in Italy at the Multisala Gloria with Testimonianze d’arte contemporanea curated by G. Ramsperger, and at The White Elephant Studio in London with BODYFICATION. Romoli was also a finalist in the Photissima Prize, Premio Celeste and Saatchi Motion Photography Prize. In 2015 he participated in the MIA Fair and the Photissima Art Prize & Festival. At the same time, he exhibited at the solo show Tre fotografi a confronto curated by Valentina Carrera for Palazzo della Racchetta (Ferrara). Romoli’s work has attracted the attention of numerous trade journals, which have published works and interviews, including Pryme Magazine (September 2015), Fotocult (February 2015), Fotografia reflex (June 2014) and Neura Magazine (July 2013).