• Thierry Bansront
  • 2014
  • Inv. No. 167.15.07
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Persone, Nudo, Ritratto
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58x80cm Dimensions
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One of the main characteristics of Thierry Bansront’s photographs is his attention to faces and emotions that can be rendered with a gaze, a pose or the rhythm of the body. The author’s best-known series is unquestionably Neoclassical, in which what clearly emerges is his predilection for the female body, captured in harmonious and sinuous poses that are clearly a tribute to neoclassical painting, considered the acme of the representation of the body in its aesthetic dimension of grace, harmony and beauty. The set of lights and colours underscores the models’ natural beauty. Bansront’s style strives to move away from the dictates of the modern representation of women to return to soft and gentle forms. The background is dark and the figures emerge luminously in dynamic and almost sculptural poses. There is never direct eye contact between the photographed subject and the observer. It is as if there were simultaneously a form of winking created by the movements of the body and an unbridgeable moral and temporal distance. So in one case the woman is photographed from behind with her hands picking up her hair and a veil leaving her back bare; then she is embracing another woman who seems to lightly touch her shoulders as both have lowered their gaze; in yet another we find a mirror to reveal her face in the fashion of the games of seduction of ancient nobility. Nudity is never complete but always evoked through a pose that alludes to a mood.
Thierry Bansront grew up in England and moved to Paris when he was 18. His studies of the classics in literature and art history profoundly influenced his profession as a photographer. Bansront’s distinctive artistic production is a tribute to neoclassical paintings, moving away from the modern style of representing women in favour of a return to the grace and genteel manners of the heroines of the past. The photographs from the Neoclassical series attracted the attention of the press, and in 2015 the pictures were published in L’œil de la photographie and Vogue. Bansront started taking pictures in 2012, flanking photo portraits with a pictorial air and fashion photography. His ability to use light and colours to construct sets that highlight the beauty of the models is a legacy from the past in which he played a leading role in the animation industry. At the start of his career he drew cartoons – both still and animated – for the daily La liberté du Morbihan. In the early Nineties he began a six-year collaboration with Delphine Software and Quantic Dream, respectively a French association and company that produce and distribute videogames. At the same time, over the years he worked in postproduction, creating animated works for the feature film T’choupi, the TV series Nidouille and Franky Snow, and various advertising campaigns, including those of H&M, Opel and Swiss Delice. Bansront currently lives and works in Usez, in southern France.