Ferri di cavallo

  • Giuseppe Cocco
  • 2014
  • Inv. No. 251.15.03
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Still life

In the arrangement of the objects for the picture, it is no accident that the horseshoes, the protagonists of the photograph and hence its name, are facing upward. We can glimpse the aspiration for something profound that is inherent in an image filled with values. In it we can see a return to one’s roots and understand how this picture, orderly and almost geometric, is the beginning of a story set in an agricultural and pastoral world where everything is possible.
Very active in the world of photography, Giuseppe Cocco boasts extensive experience in the field. The Roman artist graduated with a degree in architecture in 1977 and a short time later he specialized as a documentary photographer, inspired by the work of Folco Quilici. In 1982 he published with Cidas as photo editor and this marked the beginning of his long career. After working for the Region of Lazio as a photographic surveyor, he became a member of the Order of Journalists. The artist did not stop at classic photography and over the years he developed a passion for processing his work with specific software programs. Thanks to his expertise, he began to teach digital photography and the history of photography at the Free Academies of Fine Arts in Rome and Aleppo. Cocco invented a new style, a different way of considering art, associating watercolour with photography. The image is tinged with watercolours through post-production processes and this makes it possible to expand into the field of painting. He has received numerous awards, the most important of which are the Leader del Turismo Prize for Viaggiare in Italia in 1985 and the Gianfranco Merli Prize, a national award for the environment, in 2012.