Brera 8749

  • Cinzia Naticchioni Rojas
  • 2015
  • Inv. No. 263.15.05
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Interni

The statues of two illustrious Milanese figures engage in a silentconversation composed of gestures and gazes. They are Carlo Ottavio Castiglione and Tommaso Grossi,both of whom distinguished themselves for their great merits. The former, anoutstanding philologist and numismatist, is holding a coin and the latter, anexcellent writer and poet, has a book. An aura of tacit peacefulness cloaks these twoinert figures, captured in a moment of intimate and profound meditation.
The Brera Gallery and Fine Arts Academy continue to be a landmark on the Italian art scene. Established in 1776 by Maria Theresa of Austria in order to give public instruction a secular character, from the very beginning the Academy was a place of study and dialogue for some of Italy’s most important artists: Andrea Appiani, Medardo Rosso, Giuseppe Sommaruga (and many others) trained within the walls of this palace. Cinzia Naticchioni Rojas also made this a part of her artistic path, taking the pictures for this series in 2015. Her gaze is captivated by the large internal courtyard, the loggia and the spaces next to it, populated by statues, busts and plaques celebrating illustrious figures from Milan. Observed from different angles, the various settings acquire a solemn and monumental character that, in many ways, evokes the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. The building’s architectural features are shown in all their magnificence, further emphasized by the use of carefully constructed shots with great compositional balance. Within these shots, Naticchioni Rojas brings to life the perfect union of her two souls: photographer and architect.
Born in Rome, Cinzia Naticchioni Rojas lives and works between the Italian capital and Milan. Her education as an Architect, that she carried on to a PhD level, strongly reflects in her photographic vision. The relation between two-dimensional images and a three-dimensional reality is one of the main themes of her work; therefore, a meditation on the perceivable subjects of photography is one of the essential messages of her shots. While on a residency program in San Gimignano in 2014, she took part in Esercizi di Stile, an event that focused on how public spaces can contribute to shape society. Mimesi, the work she presented upon this occasion, was a series of landscape photos and was exhibited at the Musei Civici del Palazzo Comunale.
Her works have been displayed at some of the most prominent Italian locations for artwork, such as the Museo della Permanente and the Open Studio Brera during the Miart 2014. She also participated in important art fairs, like the Photofestival Milano 2014, the Photissima Festival in Turin, and competed for prestigious prizes like the Premio Celeste and the Premio O.R.A. in 2014.
The attention Exibart and other renowned magazines pay to Cinzia Naticchioni Rojas’s work is a reflection of the value of her artistic research.