• Gaetano Musto
  • 2011
  • Inv. No. 267.15.01
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Persone
Size M
40x60cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting
53x80cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

In this photograph as well, Musto plays with colour, illuminating each element with a bright violet light. And so the image is immediately imbued with enchantment, transforming itself into a magical vision and enhancing its mysterious allure. There are no faces or bodies, no gazes or gestures. Feminine sensuality is evoked here by a woman’s legs, gently hugging the outline of a chair.
The title of this series, executed by Gaetano Musto in 2011, is Notte: Night. Night is when we shed our daily routine and our past to enter into a brand-new reality. Night is demonstrating the sensuality of a woman’s naked body, without any naughtiness or prejudice. Night is when we are finally free to be ourselves. Photograph after photograph, the artist focuses his attention on nightlife and the world of women, grasping various aspects and nuances. He is ever attentive, but his presence goes unnoticed in these shots. Bodies, objects, details: everything is captured with great precision, leaving nothing to chance. Like a painter, Musto deftly toys with light, shadow and colour, rendering different chromatic sensations. Muted atmospheres and blurred outlines are just a few of the elements that give the photographs a feeling of lightness and timelessness, almost as if to underscore the desire to step away from the surrounding reality and unleash one’s imagination. And so, in front of our eyes, this makes way for a new dimension that lives according to its own rules while the rest of the world sleeps.
A talented photographer, Gaetano Musto was born in Avellino and soon moved to Turin. Here, he nurtures his passion for photography to the point he decided to make it his job. His focus is on exposition to light; he skilfully uses black&white and also reaches the point to study the print paper material. His photograph Pharisee competed for the Premio Combat 2013 in Livorno, a cultural event that aims to put together andunder discussion all the international contemporary artistic languages. Phariseeis part of a long-time project, dedicated to Vita agonizzante di Cristo (Christ’s Life in the Throes of Death), where Christ’s death is caused by the cowardiceof the human kind. Musto conveys this concept through photographs on opaquepaper, portraying the most representative elements of the Passion: bread, wine, crown of thorns, andthe Holy Nails. The artist works with the symbolic meaning of figures andobjects, using their power of being image of a self-explaining concept. During his career, GaetanoMusto obtained several recognitions; among them, it is imperative to mention at least the most significative ones: in 2007, he got three nominationsto the ADCI Awards and wasthen awarded the second prize. In 2008, the prestigious Art Director Club rewarded him with the first prize. In 2011, he was one of the members of the judging panel forthe same competition.