Cervo sardo - Località: Monti di Is Cannoneris , Sulcis,Sardegna meridionale

  • Domenico Ruiu
  • 2006
  • Inv. No. 28.14.02
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Movimento, Animali
Size L
80x120cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Unframed Mounting
80x120cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

The Sardinian deer, a forebear of the noble European deer, bellows with elegance and majesty. During the mating period, this animal wanders nobly around the areas of Arburense, Sulcis and Sarrabus, and it bells frequently and loudly to express its excitement, attract females and eliminate its adversaries. The woods serve as a backdrop for a moment of great tension. The stag expresses its masculinity nervously, disturbed by the presence of a rival that also attempts to assert its virility.
Domenico Ruiu has always had a strong relationship with the Sardinian fauna, which is the main subject of his photographic production. His artistic research focuses on the animal world, especially on endangered birds of prey which Ruiu usually hunts with his camera around Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Algeria and Alaska. In Sardinia, he was featured in many exhibitions, which he himself sometimes curated. In 2012, he held a solo show in the province of Nuoro - Ali sul fiume (Winds on the River) - which was followed by a book of the same name, published by Fabula in 2013. Domenico Ruiu regularly collaborates with publishers and public institutions to create photography books centred on the natural world. In the last 35 years, his work has been featured in the pages of the most important nature magazines and has also been the subject of three short movies filmed and produced by GEO Magazine. In 2014, Ruiu was given an honorary degree in Environmental and Forest Sciences by the Department of Agricolture of the Università di Sassari, and in 2015 he was awarded the Premio Le Gru at the Etna Photo Meeting.