Ehereal I

  • Silvia Elorduy
  • 2014
  • Inv. No. 290.16.01
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Movimento, Concept, Nudo, Persone
Size XS
20x30cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Showcase frame Mounting

Silvia Elorduy completed the Ethereal series in 2014. The young protagonist of these shots is none other than the photographer, who portrays herself in the nude, prey to incessant and impetuous motion. The idea of movement, made visible here through the manipulation of the photographic image, evokes the way the Futurist artists of the early 20th century rendered it. Like painting and sculpture, photography – as opposed to cinema – is unable to offer a direct representation of the temporal and thus the dynamic dimension. To lend form to what is unfolding, one must turn to several devices, namely, the combination and superimposition of various temporalities. This expressive choice brings out the powerful vitality that distinguishes this motion, almost a liberating dance that captivates the woman. Nudity is never fully revealed, but is concealed between gestures and movements. The series is also characterized by its sophisticated range of colours, composed of muted and opaque tones that create a sense of lightness and incorporeality. By juxtaposing different and successive moments, Elorduy creates ethereal and elusive images that are highly evocative, destined to remain etched in our minds for a long time.
Silvia Elorduy started to work as an artist while attending University, as she developed a strong passion for figurative arts and design. She studied in Granada (Spain) and over the course of her degree she participated to several collective exhibitions of paintings and drawings. At the same time, though, Elorduy felt an urge to find a new artistic medium and in 2012 she eventually took up photography. Her very first photography works - featuring a fine balance between artistic sensibility and technical awareness - demonstrate how easily she managed to shift from figurative arts to photography. In 2013, she was featured for the first time in a collective photo show, organised by Centro Civico de la Chana (Granada). In 2014, she had her work shown at two exhibitions in Algeciras, respectively held at Cafè Teatro and Pub Kiss. In the same year, some of her photographs were published in the 25th issue of Mambo Magazine: all the images belonged to her project Embotellados, a combination of still life photography with human body elements.