Senza titolo #6

  • Enrico Civeriati
  • 2014
  • Inv. No. 294.16.06
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Architettura
Size S
50x50cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Showcase frame Mounting
Size M
80x80cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

The time, that marks with its distinctive signature the walls where thedoors and windows chosen by Civeriati are located, is a central element inorder to understand these photographs. The signs of history, of a minor andunknown history, remind us how time inexorably erodes every corner of the worldtransforming it into memories, which are kept alive through images where coloursand shapes dialogue among each other. The juxtaposed different geometricfigures enlighten static environments where the windows are closed. Playingwith colours that remain strong despite the passage of years, the artistcreates dreamy images in which to meet, or where to rediscover past events of one’sown life. They are universal images that project the photographer's experiencein the past of each observer giving him or her the taste of a distant memory,faded and ruined as the walls and doors of the images in this series.
Oriented since the very beginning to the concept of fine art, Civeriati nurtured for many years the passion about photography, which within a short time turned into a real profession. The artist became aware of his interest in a shot capable of conveying his own personal vision of the world and the emotion infused by the subject: he claims not to be after some sort of photorealism, for this reason his technique is far from that of photo journalism and documentary photography. His first personal exhibition took place in 2007 in Milan; other exhibitions, such as Viste e Visioni, will follow in 2008 and Wood in Motion in 20013. During the winter of 2014 his photos were exhibited at the Prima Biennale della Creatività, in Verona. In 20015 he participated to Quarta Rassegna di Arte Contemporanea in Treviso. After many years spent experimenting both colour and black and white photos, in later years Civeriati explored how to use both technique at the same time, superimposing colour shots and black and white ones, with the aim to obtain peculiar results. The series where he employed this new style are Scoprire una Città, displayed at the SpazioGMArte of Milan during the Photofestival in 2015, and Shadows.