Cowboy Boutique

  • Yuri Catania
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 299.16.16
  • Edition + 2 AP
Size XS
22x22cm Dimensions

Yuri Catania is an experienced photographer who is already well known in the art scene of Milan. He works between Italy, Switzerland and New York. He graduated in Industrial Design from the Politecnico of Milan and specialized in fashion photography. He personally takes care of every side of his projects, from the creative process to the practical issues, and believes in the expressive power of pictures. Soon enough, Catania got to realize very solid projects: he co-founded a communication agency and later opened his own production studio. He worked on several photoshoots for high-class brands in the fashion industry and took part in a charity project aimed to help the Nepalese population in the aftermath of the dramatic earthquake that shook the country in 2015, realizing a limited edition book on the Himalayan country. Catania’s commitment to his work found another way of expression through his solo show No Fashion Places, which was exhibited in Tokyo and Milan during the fashion week. He also participated in many collective shows, such as Art is Hope (Paris, 2013), Forgotten Nepal (Zurich, 2016) e American Flag (Milan, 2016). In 2014, Yuri Catania was awarded the Cavallo di Leonardo at the Milano Fashion Film Festival for his impressive short movie, which was produced by Ermanno Scervino and featured Asia Argento. In 2016 he was selected by the curator Adrian Ehrat for the project Forgotten Nepal at Maag Hallen in Zurigo and by the curator Renè-Julien Praz for the project Stand By In Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Don’t Leave Me Alone in New York.
Furthermore, he won numerous prizes: in 2016 the Bloom Award Art Fair (Colonia Nominee), in 2012 Highest Honor - Black & White Spider Award, in 2008 l'Honorable Mention Award (premio Fotografico Italia-no), in 2007 the Premio Fotografico Italiano for the best still life.