Mare d'inverno #1

  • Luigi Tazzari
  • 2012
  • Inv. No. 312.16.01
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio
Size M
53x80cm Dimensions
Inkjet pigmented print on paper Hahnemuhle Technique
Americana Frame Mounting
53x80cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

Luigi Tazzari’s Mare d'Inverno series is part of a well-established artistic research on the Romagna Coast. This series, however, leads us to a different scenery than the chaotic and crowded one typical of the summer time. In fact, the subjects of this series have been the author’s focus in many other occasions, but they are here captured in a completely new fashion. As said by Tanzari himself: “we are used to observe this coast through different lenses, and now I am interested in exploring the contrast between snow and sky, the bewildered effect of the first photographs, which slowly allow to disclose the place where we are”. And so, shot after shot, in quick succession we see not rowdy fragments of seaside life, but rather silent winter meditations, which explore in a new light those places that have already been object of observation. There is no trace of the heat, the sound, the confusion; but only a great sense of metaphysics and imperturbable stillness. The atmosphere in these photographs is rarefied, suspended, and contributes to shape poetic and evocative images, with the obvious power of bewildering the observer. The beaches covered by thick snowflakes, much like an Arctic desert, become a surreal scenario, all rediscovered in this new, lonely and wintery fashion.
Acclaimed as a figurehead of contemporary photography, Luigi Tazzari lives in Ravenna, where in 1983 his career as a professional photographer began. He attended the lessons by Luigi Ghirri and he was inspired by the elements of the Scuola Emiliana di Fotografia. Passion and natural inclination unite in intense work allowing Tazzari to see numerous reportages published in important national and international periodical, among which it is worth noting L’Espresso, Dove, Panorama, and Viajes National Geographic Spagna. The excellent reviews and the care for each shot brought him to the attention of biggest names in photography, and it is in this way that he began a twenty-year collaboration with Agenzia Fotografica Grazia Neri and with the Parisian Gamma Presse Images. From 2004 he focused on the publication of various books of photography which collect his series, accompanied by texts which exalt beauty and worth. Initially he collaborated with Minerva Edizioni, and successively with Damiani, with which in 2009 he published the work Four seasons, dedicated to the Adriatic coast. Important author among photographic critics, such as Roberta Valtorta and Roberto Mutti, have written about him.