• Massimo Picchieri
  • 2013
  • Inv. No. 321.16.09
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio

Sri Lanka, formerly known as “rice field of the East”, built on the cultivation of rice an important resource for the country, giving it a leading role, on the one hand at the cultural level and on the other aspart of the local folklore and religions. Its cultivation dates back to 800 D.C.: in addition to being a raw material vital to the local supply of food, rice is considered to bring good omens at weddings, baptisms and many other rituals and festivities.
Massimo Picchieri was born in the province of Milan and, after finishing his studies, in 2005 he took up photography. He reckons that the people he met over the course of years and the places he visited – with all their peculiarities and cultural differences – had a big part in his decision to explore this form of art. These realities gave him the desire of stopping time and space – thus, as hot becomes frozen reality. This way, both the photographer and the viewer can feel emotionally challenged by that one instant that would have otherwise gone lost. As he’s a keen traveller, Picchieri took up documentary photography from the very beginning, inspired by his firm belief in the communicative potential of any confrontation with different realities. The attention the photographer pays to the light contributes to arouse emotions in the viewer.