Gestural minimalism - 033 NE

  • Nicola Brindicci
  • 2003
  • Inv. No. 343.16.05
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio
Size S
40x25cm Dimensions
Inkjet Pigmented Print on Hahenemuhle Photorag Ultra Smooth paper Technique
Mounted on Dibond Mounting
Size M
80x53cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Showcase frame Mounting

The photos of Nicola Brindicci of the series Gestural Minimalism testify the importance of the natural factor in the expressive poetic of this artist. Taking inspiration from a visual input, from the geometric phase of Kandinskij to Japanese art, he investigates the landscape in its smallest components, observing and selecting shrubberies, bushes and twigs covered in a blanket of snow. The nature becomes the guardian of studied wefts of the photographer’s unconscious mind. The artist, through the use of tweezers creates, just as a demiurge, some compositions to portray, minimizing the natural element. In this creative process the importance of the gestural component must be noticed. It reveals the presence of the author, not only in regards to the technical aspect but also to the content, in the juxtaposition of each part. The artistic research is twofold: on the one hand, the building of photographic images, on the other hand, the tendency to abstraction. The natural element becomes a driving force for the creation of another dimension, where the link with reality is lost, proceeding towards a progressive rarefaction of shapes, time and space. By means of polished language, but simultaneously straightforward and essential, Brindicci shows what is usual under a new light, making use of photography as a tool to disclose the most unusual correspondences of our imagination.
Since his childhood the artist was fascinated by abstract art and when he became a teenager the attraction transformed into practice: Brindicci found in photography a way to convey his emotions. With the series Natura [Nature] he understood the landscape as a natural poetic fable; Teatri astratti [Abstract Theatres] followed as the outcome of a three-dimensional view of photography, here inspired to sculpture. Many critics have spoken about him, such as Mario Quadraroli, Maria Luisa Caffarelli and Rossana Bossaglia, who describing Nicola Brindicci, affirmed: “ The vast path of research which characterizes the artistic development of Nicola Brindicci stands out for the use of the photographic image which gradually transfigures itself , obtaining a pictorial aspect. Whether he represents an object inside or he extends his sight towards the landscape, his photography moves from structures which are apparently solid, if not monumental, to fluidity dissolved through light.
Since 2014 he have taken part in numerous personal and collective exhibition. He exhibited in Budapest the series Metafisica, depicting the Hungarian winter, just as Simboli  and Paesaggi ungheresi. In 2006 he organized his own personal exposition in Milan at the Galleria Artelier.  The Politecnico di Milano hosted some of his artworks as part of a collective exhibition, and so did the National Museum of Modern Art Liu Hai Su in Shanghai as part of the Maestri di Brera in 2008. In the following years he kept contributing in collective exhibits and organizing his own: in Montecarlo and then in 2012 at the Montreux Art Gallery at the Salon D’Art Contemporain di Montreux.