Landscape - 004 PA

  • Nicola Brindicci
  • 2004
  • Inv. No. 343.16.10
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio
Size M
60x80cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Showcase frame Mounting

For Nicola Brindicci the series Landscape is  another opportunity to reflect and to compare himself with a beloved subject: the landscape.In his poetic, nature imposes itself as a necessary opportunity for theobservers to challenge, test constantly themselves with the aim of findingtheir personal limit, physical and interior. The Landscape becomes a mean of research and self-determination of strength and the most authentic sensibility of the individual. In particular, the latter is ready to collect the energy surrounding and embracing him from the trees to the rocks, from the animals to the landscapes. Each photo testifies an inborn vicinity to the subjects represented together with the artist’s wish of losing himself in the views of the pictures, so as to seize the absolute of them.  These images are never a mere representation f a geographic place, but they aim at giving vividness to the landscapes.  By means of photography, Brindicci is able, going beyond the appearance, to dig up distant echoes and awesomeness other wise forgotten. He wants to wake up our interior soul and put it in relation with the natural element. 
Since his childhood the artist was fascinated by abstract art and when he became a teenager the attraction transformed into practice: Brindicci found in photography a way to convey his emotions. With the series Natura [Nature] he understood the landscape as a natural poetic fable; Teatri astratti [Abstract Theatres] followed as the outcome of a three-dimensional view of photography, here inspired to sculpture. Many critics have spoken about him, such as Mario Quadraroli, Maria Luisa Caffarelli and Rossana Bossaglia, who describing Nicola Brindicci, affirmed: “ The vast path of research which characterizes the artistic development of Nicola Brindicci stands out for the use of the photographic image which gradually transfigures itself , obtaining a pictorial aspect. Whether he represents an object inside or he extends his sight towards the landscape, his photography moves from structures which are apparently solid, if not monumental, to fluidity dissolved through light.
Since 2014 he have taken part in numerous personal and collective exhibition. He exhibited in Budapest the series Metafisica, depicting the Hungarian winter, just as Simboli  and Paesaggi ungheresi. In 2006 he organized his own personal exposition in Milan at the Galleria Artelier.  The Politecnico di Milano hosted some of his artworks as part of a collective exhibition, and so did the National Museum of Modern Art Liu Hai Su in Shanghai as part of the Maestri di Brera in 2008. In the following years he kept contributing in collective exhibits and organizing his own: in Montecarlo and then in 2012 at the Montreux Art Gallery at the Salon D’Art Contemporain di Montreux.