The Derelict Boat

  • Stefano Allari
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 355.16.03
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Interni

This series of shots portrays empty and in ruins rooms, abandoned places that have become the focus of a research which aims at documenting the abandonment, the decline and its many nuances. These environments are depicted with respect and with the sensibility of an attentive eye, constantly in search of poetry in the ashes and rubble of what was once beautiful and full of life. The palaces and buildings captured in the shots were once large and glitzy, but now they tell a different story, full of decadence but not degradation. The perspective on abandonment end orsed by the artist runs through a broad spectrum where to find the shreds of a life of which few traces remain. The sunlight that filters from outside magnifies the suggestions, and it streng thens the impression of being in the presence of the remains of many stories, that have by now permanently reached their conclusions.
Allari’s artistic path starts after he graduated in Scienze dell’Informazione at the Università Statale di Milano, when he starts to take an interest in photography. Due to his technical and scientific background, at first the artist teaches informatics and maths being actively involved in numerous seminars all around the world. However, Allari cultivates many other passions at the same time, among which the most prominent is photography that, slowly but steadily, becomes his new profession. Every of his shots convey his personal way to look at the world, as a means to interpret the reality and transfer it to a different level, his own. He develops a strong passion for mountain photography. So, series of photos that were published in books and journals are created, and he was named in the list of 100 best photographs and photographers SummitPost. Characterised by a considerable rigor of execution, Allari’s photos are sharp and the object of a continuous play of light and shadow. The borders between the sky and the rocks are sharp and well defined. Currently the artist is a photography teacher, specializing in analog large format, but always along side with the use of digital systems.