Alla deriva

  • Stefano Regazzoni
  • 2002
  • Inv. No. 356.16.02
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Paesaggio, Acqua

In the frosty Artic landscape a piercing wind blows, expanses of ice are transformed into sea, life is suspended, crystallised in a motionless and fragile reality. White, light-blue, and grey are the colours that in their shades are repeated in the four shots that make up this series, accompanying the observer in a placid and silent reality. Evocative atmosphere, hard shapes, glacial landscapes - these are the elements from which a piercing cold oozes, a cold that hits the observer’s glance. Stefano Regazzoni’s artworks describe this quiet and yet fragile atmosphere, highlighting its appeal, its ephemerality, its hinted transformation, and the unavoidable drift.
Born and raised in Milan, Stefano Regazzoni first took interest in photography in 1987. During his first period of studies, he explored various aspects of his new passion as an autodidact: portraits, landscapes, and exploring movement photography with sport photography. But it will be architecture photography to mark as a milestone his photography experience. He created a support for medium-format cameras which was patented in 2001 and was recognised and mentioned in various periodicals of the sector.
Immediately he faced an artistic and professional change: he decided to combine his two great passions, travelling and photography. He shot photos all around the world, focusing primarily on landscape photography of remote and fascinating areas of our planet. Thisexperience led to the publication of Desert in 2002, which depicts some of the most famous deserts of the world including the Sahara, Kalahari, to the Australian Outback. in 2004 he released Egypt and New Zeland, both published by Edicart.