Rosso #6

  • Danilo Susi
  • 2008
  • Inv. No. 377.16.03
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Acqua, Astratto

Three different shots to describe one intense feeling. In Danilo Susi’s series, where a bright red glare showers a dark expanse of rough water. The blue of the water - that is the colour of balance, suggesting calm and peace – is therefore covered in a strong red that polarised our glance.
In the colours’ symbolism, red is passion and strength and, in this series, it is put in contrast with a dark and deep blue. This is a series of evocative shots, through which the artist’s desire for kindling contrasting feelings emerges: a turbid meeting between the anxiety conveyed by the red and the intrinsic relaxation of the blue. These shots, which have a sharp communicative strength, suggest to the observers an estranging feeling united with the desire to answer unsolved enigmas.
Susi started his artistic path during the analogic era, when the great model for photographer sof Susi’s generation was Franco Fontana, who distinguished himself for his abstract style, built on the transfiguration of reality in almost impossible images. Inspired by this kind of photography, Danilo Susi gave himself the goal to make the invisible visible and, even today in the digital era, he tries to underline what nature glorifies itself, avoiding post production whenever possible. The water is the canvas where light and colours create abstract works: hence the project Acquastratta in 2008, immediately noticed by art curator Eva Clausen. In 2010 he joins the Roman artist Carlo D’Orta thanks to whom Susi tries a photography characterised by reflections on glasses and metals. Thus, the group Realismo Astratto (Abstract Realism) was born, composed of Susi himself, D’Orta, and Paolinelli, and led by Valerio Dehò. The experiment became a real project when Astrattismi Paralleli became an itinerant exhibition. Noticed by important names of Milan fashion scene, in 2012 Susi attended FuoriSalone del mobile with a series called La natura che veste, a series that mixes photographs and silk garments. In 2015 the photographer’s artistic activity developed in three new projects: Animalia, Fleur, and Segni, based on a new understanding of what water can be, which is depicted as a habitat.