Madurai, India

  • Massimo Sartori
  • 2015
  • Inv. No. 378.16.06
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Persone

Sartori’s shots are the result of a documentary intent, in which the surrounding reality with all its many nuances is mirrored. In 2015, the photographer took a trip to India, with the intention to capture the different essences of this country. In fact, the Indian subcontinent has been, through the centuries, the melting pot of ancient local traditions and the new ideologies brought by the conquerors. This peculiar situation created the cultural diversity that still makes this place unique.
Now a landscape photographer, in his long career as a professional photographer, Sartori has gone through many phases, experimenting with techniques and styles. He started by portraying female subjects to exalt their beauty, but he abandoned this artistic project to dedicate himself to the form of the natural landscape. Sartori loves to travel with the objective of portraying the reality with which he interacts through portraits of people who are never posing. In this way here presents that which he defines as «a universal sentiment which unites us all despite ethnic diversity». In March 2015, the photographer organised an exhibition in collaboration with Ennio Ciaccia at Ca’ dei Carraresi, which proved very successful. In 2016 he is back with the personal exhibition, Live, in which he collects black and white shots which tell the story of the journeys he made in over forty years of activity. In the shots presented in the exhibition the artist let himself be influenced by the greatest figures of the tradition of straight-photography.