The blessing

  • Pietro Luraschi
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 391.16.13
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP

Africa, with its immense landscapes, is always of interest for Pietro Luraschi’s photographic research. The choice of using images with horizontally elongated fields of view well match with the desire to describe the vastness of these places. The landscape is captured in its imperturbability, so magnificent and wonderfully immutable. The images of Africa bring new emotions to light, recalling feelings and thoughts that have indelibly charmed our memory.
Milanese by birth, and African by adoption, Pietro Luraschi approaches photography when he decided to leave Italy so to pursue his dream. The artist graduates in Engineering and then he moves to Tanzania to work as a volunteer at the Tarangire Lion Project, an association that works to take a census of the lions of the homonymous national park. Thus, he decides to travel around Africa, fascinated by the natural parks of this continent: he travels great distances, crossing the wildest areas of East and Austro-Africa. On this occasion, he studies as a naturalistic guide obtaining the Field Guide and Trail Guide III qualification from the most prestigious organizations in the industry.
Permanently on the road, he starts to approach landscape photography as self-taught and he becomes an eminent figure in this field. His shots – neat and sharp - are recognisable by the competent use of the natural light which helps to valorise the subjects’ movements in their native environments.
Currently, Luraschi continues to be a safari guide, and in recent years he has also been working to train local guides and rangers of national parks, with whom he speaks fluent Kiswahili. His passion for photography lives alongside with the passion for nature. Over time photography has become its sixth sense, with which he captures unique emotions, feelings and atmospheres by which the spectator is hooked.