Sweet Sight

  • Ra Ratnasingham
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 411.16.07
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Still life

Ra Ratnasingham presents his personal interpretation of a traditional theme such as still life by suggesting a more intimate and domestic perspective that, while putting aside the strong colour and light contrasts, gives space to a daily routine of little things. The various details of the composition are placed in a simple and humble atmosphere, which aims at highlighting the straightforward ability of its author to communicate.
Ra Ratnasingham is an artist from Sri Lanka withan established reputation as a photographer. He deeply loves his job and sees photography as a crossroads of lives, places and experiences that contribute toenhance his creativity and the results of his work. The contact with different realities and environments led him to commit himself more and more to his job, and to test his photography by adopting different techniques: “To browse different subjects, perspectives, landscapes and projects keeps the matteralive”, claims the photographer, and the unexpected perspectives can inject new energy into the subjects. With a focus on documentary photography, Ratnasingham also works on food, lifestyle, travel and portrait photography, adjusting his style in order to better suit the subjects and the series he wants to realize: when working on travel photography, for instance, his technique recalls documentary photography. In other cases, such as when he’s photographing food, his technique much owes to still life photography, through which he also manages to capture people walking in an urban landscape turning them into almost motion less statues.