Marshmallow lightness

  • Dina Belenko
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 436.16.02
  • Edition + 2 AP
Size XS
22x22cm Dimensions

Dina Belenko was born in Khabarovsk, a Russian city at the far east of the nation, very close to the Chinese borders. She studied as an autodidact with a great focus on her passion: photography. So, after few years spent experimenting with different tools and techniques, the artist eventually fixed her attention on still life photography. This technique allows her to create unlimited stories, giving life to static objects, to the point that she calls herself “translator of objects" language into human communication”. It becomes a tool to discover oneself: the shoot is the product of a personal research, and it does not stem from the cooperation with moving subject. Everything depends on the artist’s touch and on her creativity that comes to life in her kitchen, now turned into a studio. From 2011, Dina Belenko has been putting together many personal exhibitions, among which recall (In)animate and Breakfast with the Writer. Not to mention the numerous collective exhibitions, from China to Modena, and as faras Macedonia. Her work obtained many important prizes: in 2010 she came to the semifinal of All-Russia contest Epson, while in 2012 she was a finalist in the Public Expression Project. 2013 was the year of the Photo Web Expo, which she won, becoming Photographer of the Year.