Almost There

  • Stefano Gardel
  • 2016
  • Inv. No. 440.16.09
  • Edition 100 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Architettura

In the dark of the night, the car and billboards lights are reflected by the wet asphalt creating a suggestive game of colours. The cars, lined up on the road, imply some movement, some sort of lively action and the purpose of reaching some place, someone, some kind of final destination. The lights create halos in contrast with the deep dark night, these lights stand out against the gloomy atmosphere and they catch the attention of the viewers. So, the viewers’ glance is focused on the billboards, and they try to infer what city they are in, while they are also discovering places of their everyday life.
A young Italian talent, Stefano Gardel developed his innate passion about art through the various journeys he undertook around the world, as business trips, but especially for pleasure.  A tireless traveller, Gardel specialised in street and landscape photography. When he is within an urban landscape, the artist takes advantage of the space in order to create overlapping planes, that is to say buildings, railways, housing, buildings springing up one after another, as if it were a puzzle. This technique is well noticeable in the series The high skyline, which features the less known, somehow unrecognizable,  New York city. On the other hand, with Time square reflections, we can appreciate a far more recognizable portrait of the Big Apple. The neon lights of the huge billboards that hide the presence of pedestrians are central. To follow, some landscape shoots, where Gardel depicted Switzerland and the Dolomites, series that reveal a deep suggestion in the way mountains, meadows and forests are portrayed.