Progetto Blossfeldt #5

  • Giorgio Majno
  • 2011
  • Inv. No. 474.17.05
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Astratto, Still life

Giorgio Majno’s photographic research focuses on nature, which is seen as something to investigate, to admire and, at the same time, to protect. Progetto Blossfeldt (2011) is a good example of Majno’s vision: the black and white shots portray a variety of natural elements that the photographer’s eye thoroughly analyses. The result is a collection of images that unveil the most secret essence of natural shapes and turn them into a composition that takes the form of an abstract creation. The title of this series recalls the work of Karl Blossfeldt, a science photographer whose evocative images inspired Majno’s project and approach. Blossfeldt was not a professional photographer but a drawing teacher at the Fine Art Academy of Berlin and he used photographs to teach his students. Using enlargements and lighting, he managed to emphasise the peculiarities of each subject in order to highlight the strong connection between art and nature. Following Blossfeldt’s work, Majno too celebrates this same relation, creating harmonious compositions and abstractions that, shot after shot, unveil the magic of nature.
Giorgio Majno was born in Milan. After finishing high school, he attended the DAMS in Bologna, Italy, where he first took up photography. His final dissertation was on photography and was awarded a scholarship for a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Southern Illinois University, USA. There, Majno graduated in Cinema and Photography with a dissertation on the photographic portrait. Following his experience in the United States, he developed an interest in slit cameras: shots are conceived to be printed on long black-and-white canvas, in order toconvey the idea of movement. Rather than ‘freezing’ the moment, the photographer captures the human element as it moves, he follows the subject, takes part in their movement and extends it. 
In the following years, Majno took up landscape photography, focusing on the most ancient gardens of Italy: he became fascinated with the idea of the tree as a whole, and to this subject he devoted both Terra incognita and Stabilitas Loci. In the same period, Majno also collaborated with Skirà, which commissioned his pictures for a volume on Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan. In 1985, Majno held his first solo exhibition, from which followed many participations in collective shows. He took part in Mia Photo Fair in Milan in 2011, 2012 and 2016. Many galleries and curators appreciated his work and invited him to exhibit abroad: his pictures travelled to London, Rhode Island and Hawaii. His professional commitment led him to become a teacher at IED and NABA, both in Milan. These days, Majno teaches Photographic History and Techniques at the Industrial Design department of the University of San Marino. He also collaborates with magazines such as Elle décor