Urban Composition 03

  • Marco Mussi
  • 2017
  • Inv. No. 495.17.03
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Architettura

The word ‘composition’ comes from the Latin verb ‘componere’, which means ‘to put together’, ‘to unite’. Urban Composition is an assemblage of lines, colours and geometries, pieces of the surrounding world that are juxtaposed to create an unusual – yet familiar – narration. Marco Mussi takes these details and, following a very precise strategy, redraws new and personal urban geographies that redefine the observer’s visual memory. This way, he unveils a web of lines and signs that, through both ours and the artist’s eyes, acquire a new significance. Thanks to the de-composition and the re-composition of the urban pattern, details that were seemingly marginal are rediscovered and put at the very centre of the scene. Precision, order and accuracy are the pillars of Mussi’s artistic research – nothing is left to chance, everything is meticulously arranged. The relation between photography, city and architecture turns into a thought-provoking experiment, which can highlight the innumerous potentialities of the expressive medium – a visual imaginary that rarefies the real datum in order to create unusual and suggestive visions.
Marco Mussi, a young Italian photographer and director, attended the IED in Milan and graduated in Visual Arts, with a focus on photography. During his studies, the photographer developed his own style. ‘Precise, geometric, with an obsession for order’: this is how Mussi’s style might be described at first sight. The artistic expression, however, can also be linked to his personality. As other great photographers before him, Mussi manages to turn photography into a reflection of his own being, of his character, and of his approach to the outer world. The artist nurtures his own idea of reality, where anything superfluous is excluded, where disorder is dissected and relocated according to his own plan: in this new dimension, objects find their real place in the world. Against the background of a pastel-colour world, Mussi seems to communicate to the observers that every object has its own place, and nothing happens to be there by chance. By taking a step back, one can find the inner geometry of perfection. In 2015, Mussi’s work ‘Spoon’ was awarded the first prize in the Photography category at ExpoArteItaliana, organized by Vittorio Sgarbi. Thanks to his neat and polished style, Marco Mussi’s photography is very popular amongst design studios and interior design magazines.