• Eric Dufour
  • 2013
  • Inv. No. 66.15.01
  • Edition 30 + 2 AP
  • Categories: Astratto, Architettura
Size S
26x40cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Unframed Mounting
26x40cm Dimensions
Digital Print on Fuji paper DP II Technique
Mounted under plexiglass Mounting

On the façade of an industrial building in the Silkeborg area in Denmark, infinite rectangular and multicolour sections are multiplied and recombined endlessly, creating an enchanting interplay of colours and geometric forms. Graphic and bold, this detail of a modern European architectural work is enriched by a poetic and appealing character at the instant in which a small cloud scuttles across the Danish blue sky over it.
The French photographer Eric Dufour was born in 1965. He developed a passion for photography at a very early age and took advantage of his numerous trips to Asia, the Middle East and Europe to capture different architectural details in his pictures. He officially entered the circuit of artistic photography in 2006 and since then has developed careful research into modern architecture, showcasing the graphic lines that fill European capitals, the main destination of his ongoing travels. For three consecutive years (2012, 2013, 2014) Dufour exhibited at the Salon de la Photo, an important rendezvous that attracts professional photographers and photography buffs to Paris annually. In 2013 he was one of the leading figures at the collective show entitled Graphitude at the Galerie Photostage in Lyon. The following year he starred at Les rencontres du Rivatoria, an event organized in Jassans – Riottier dal Photoclub Rivatoria in collaboration with the Fédération Photographique de France. Over the years Dufour has published widely in important international periodicals and has participated in a number of competitions, winning prestigious awards and gaining recognition. In 2013, he won first prize in Digital Colors – Jyske Mesterskaber (Denmark) and in 2014, after placing third in the Urban Photo Contest in Paris and second in the European Eisa Maestro Awards in Berlin, he won first prize in the “Architecture” category for Les Photographies de l’année (France).