From the selection of authors to the creation of the artwork

Production process and Quality certification

1. Selection of the artists

Alidem examines each artist’s career and estimates his or her potential to grow on the art scene.

2. Selection of the shots

Alidem considers the themes and issues raised by the photographs, the image’s power to communicate, and its ability to channel contemporary taste and reflections extended to the art market.

3. Verification of the quality of the shots

Each selected shot is analysed to determine its features in terms of resolution, clarity and acutance, in order to define the maximum format and the best printing dimensions for each picture.

4. Acquisition of the shots

The selected shots that satisfy Alidem’s high technical standards become part of the collection. Alidem then works with the artist to decide the number of copies and the best support to make the most of the image’s aesthetic features.

5. Execution of the work

A careful and delicate production process guarantees the quality of each Alidem work.

5.1 Printing materials and techniques
Technological innovation and craftsmanship converge at Alidem’s labs, which are equipped with top-quality instruments and materials for the various printing techniques, such as:
  • Digital C-print on matte or glossy chromogenic paper;
  • Fine Art Giclée or inkjet print for photographic paper, 100% cotton paper, Baryta paper;
  • UV prints for direct printing on different materials (aluminium, steel).
5.2 Pre-printing phase
The files are optimized based on the equipment and printing technique through professional colour management.
5.3 Print proofs
The printing process takes 48 hours and requires constant monitoring by staff. The quality and rendering of each print proof is examined: the photograph must pass these tests before it can be reproduced in the original specimens agreed on with the artist.
5.4 Mounting of the works
Each work is mounted to combine the aesthetics of the shot with the specific features of the place where it will be displayed. Alidem’s designers have come up with different configurations: high-quality custom-made frames, mats, Plexiglas mounts done by hand on a DBond support, composed of two sheets of aluminium with a sheet of polyethylene sandwiched in between. The rigidity of aluminium and the protection against UV rays offered by Plexiglas mean perfect conservation of the work for up to 70 years. A special spacer designed by Alidem gives the photograph a sense of lightness, visual harmony and elegance.
5.5 Quality control
Each photograph is examined by Alidem’s staff to check its finish and make sure it is flawless. At the end of this process the photograph becomes an Alidem work, certified by a numbered hologram that is applied to it.