Surprise people with an art photograph

Gift ideas

The interweaving of colour, timeless architecture and views of nature: an art photograph is a unique and priceless gift.

Alidem invites you to discover the brand-new works in the collection and new configurations specially created for those who are unwilling to do without art and want to surprise people with a touch of originality. The precious gift ideas come from the encounter of art, technological innovation and craftsmanship. An exclusive choice in which attention to design and care in the selection of materials are a guarantee of timeless quality.

Pret à porter

Brand-new images by emerging artists that invite your eyes and mind to travel. On the wall or as furnishings to experience photography in any setting.
Alidem’s open editions are photographs that are not limited editions and they are numbered progressively.

Printing technique: Digital C Print on matte Fuji DP II paper
Mounting: 2-mm Dibond with English-style frame
Dimensions: 20cmx27cm

Alidem classics in a small format

Gift boxes containing a choice of 5 or 10 photographs printed on precious Hahnemühle cotton paper. Original ideas to frame or hang for innovative interior design or simply to collect and look at during your most precious moments.
Alidem’s mini-prints are photographs on Hahnemühle cotton paper.

Printing technique: Inkjet pigmented print
Dimensions: 10cmx15cm

Get inspired with the darkroom kit!
The tradition of photographic prints starts in small darkrooms in which, following baths in emulsions and rinsing, the negatives are hung on a wire with clips, almost like laundry, so they can be developed and then printed. A tribute to the history of photography that is revived with the darkroom kit.

Limited-edition photographs

Photographs in the printed only version, all of which with a top-quality 3-mm mat.
A simple and elegant idea that is perfect for those who want to start collecting, with the freedom to customize mountings and frames according to where the photo will be displayed.

Printing technique: Digital C Print on matte Fuji DP II paper.
Dimensions: variable.