Photography is a relatively young art form with respect to other media such as painting and sculpture, but it has become an increasingly consolidated and growing field. This is witnessed by the important results and record-breaking sales of the main Italian and international auction houses.
Therefore, contemporary art photography represents a new frontier for investments and can now be considered an excellent deal.

Artistic research, quality and craftsmanship

Through its Advisory Board composed of art critics, curators and aesthetics experts, Alidem chooses the works of well-known artists as well as emerging talents capable of channelling new and modern creative languages.
Alidem’s values are uniqueness and quality, achieved through a meticulous artisanal production process that relies on new and innovative technologies for printing limited-edition photographic artwork, guaranteed and signed by the author, and offering museum-level quality

Starting a collection of art photographs: Alidem’s guarantees

The number of copies declared by Alidem is independent of the print format. This decisive factor demonstrates our professionalism and it protects both the artist and the buyer, because Alidem holds exclusive rights to the photographs. Different images, with different configurations, converge to satisfy the needs of increasingly demanding collectors who are more and more attentive to the new trends of contemporary art.

The curating work is overseen by a team of interior and visual designers who create 3D simulations to show the customer the layout of the works in the specific space.